Remote or face-to-face classes? Check out our students’ point of view

It’s been a few weeks since the Mater Christi School returned with classes in person. But what are the students thinking about this return? Are they satisfied? It is this doubt that we will resolve today with this article.

Some Elementary II students were interviewed and will tell what they think about the in-person classes. The first interviewee was student João Vitor, from the 7th grade class “A”.

  • What are you thinking of the face-to-face classes? 
  • I’m really enjoying it. In person is much better. In addition to being able to see my friends (even though there was no contact before), the teaching is more dynamic and more understandable. 

That was João Vitor’s speech. The next student to be interviewed is Mel, also from 7th A. The question asked was the same. 

  • I prefer face-to-face because I can interact with my friends and teachers. For me, remote classes have some cons, like less interaction and easy cheating on tests.

Matheus, from the same class, also answered our question. 

  • I prefer a thousand times in person. Online, in addition to being difficult to understand, it’s easy to get distracted and the face-to-face has contact with friends and teachers. The explanation of the matter becomes more understandable. 

Finally, I’ll share my point of view. Like my friends João Vitor, Matheus and Mel, I also prefer face-to-face classes. Of course, there is a risk, however, all the understanding we acquire in relation to remote classes and interaction with teachers and friends always pays off.

Thank you for reading this article. It was gratifying to be able to participate! 


Article written by Roberta Santos, 7th A, 06/10/2021.

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