Meet Our Team


At Mater Christi school, we understand that the excellence of our professionals is a determining factor in student education and learning.

Therefore, we encourage our teachers and employees to constant training, so that they are always evolving in search of a transformative education.

Institutional Body

President – Dr. Emerson Azevedo

General Director – Prof. Maria Auxiliadora Tenório Pinto de Azevedo

Pedagogical Director – Ciro Tenório de Azevedo

Pedagogical Coordinators

Pedagogical Coordinator of Early Childhood Education – Lucinete de Melo Vieira Filha

Pedagogical Coordinator of Elementary School I –  Helen Flávia De Lima

Pedagogical Coordinator of Elementary School II – Stênio Karol Lima de Oliveira

Pedagogical Coordinator of High School – Francisco Antonio De Sousa


Olympic Village Supervisor – Francisco Jarnomio De Oliveira

Sports Supervisor – Isabela Cristiane Da Silva Severo Souza

Infrastructure Supervisor – Neuricelio Silvestre

School Registration Secretary – Erica Cristiane de Freitas Flor

Information Technology Supervisor – Fernando Barra

Communication Supervisor – Laise Holanda de Lira

Chief Financial Officer – Jailka Kesse

Relationship Director and Ombudsman – João Pedro Bezerra David