Bilingual MC

Speaking the English language is essential to expand professional and communicative possibilities within the increasingly globalized scenario in which we live. Mater Christi students come into contact with the second language since Kindergarten, with the best team of teachers.

MC Bilingual inaugurated another phase of the bilingual program at Mater Christi, taking high school English learning to another level.

The MC Bilingual program offers several benefits for students and parents. In partnership with Edify, the English team developed an extracurricular immersion project, providing an immersive, innovative and creative learning environment to make the bilingual project even more effective.

Go Stronger: Reinforcement classes made available after hours through assessments to identify levels of learning;
Bilingual Family: Offering English classes for parents, mothers and/or guardians;
PBL: 60 hours of extracurricular projects, such as Gocamp, Gomovie, The Book Fair, among others;
Hours: 5 weekly classes, distributed daily for constant learning;
Digital platform: A world apart so that the student can explore all the content, exercises, news and tools of the Edify digital universe;
Physical material: Didactic and pedagogical material composed of two volumes, focusing on Language and Clio.