Know Our Structure

The school space

In our school, we believe that the entire school space is an environment that shapes personalities and opinions. Our education is not limited to the classroom environment.

The school’s physical structure must be attractive to students, so that they can feel at ease to develop their socio-educational activities and critical thinking. The school environment is also a strong potential for the development of cognitive and motor activities.

Our structure

Based on this, the Mater Christi school has a complete structure, which is directly linked to the teaching-learning process, striving for a totally interactive, spacious and comfortable environment for everyone.

  • 55 air-conditioned and multimedia classrooms
  • Laboratories: Chemistry, Physics, Biology (Centerlab) and the only Fab Lab in Rio Grande do Norte
  • Multisport Gym
  • 3 Indoor Sports Courts
  • 1 Canteen (La Vie Café)
  • Experimental cuisine
  • Ballet Room
  • Mater Kids Space
  • Sensory Room
  • Martial Arts Room
  • Chess and Table Tennis Room
  • Arts Room
  • Call Center
  • Administrative sectors
  • School Registry Office
  • Library with study and individual and group environments
  • Bathrooms
  • Spaces for recreation and coexistence
  • Parking
  • Alpha Lyra Theater
  • 3 auditoriums
  • Vegetable Garden