Mater Christi takes, once again, the potiguar protagonism

In the first edition of the Brazilian Human Sciences Olympiad, the student from the
Olympic Village, Samara Dália, won a silver medal, bringing the title to Mater Christi
The BHSO is an initiative that seeks to democratize and disseminate the human sciences
in a relaxed way, with the aim of encouraging young people to become future scientists.
It is aimed at high school students from schools all over Brazil, and created by students
and teachers from the Federal Institute of São Paulo.
The state of Rio Grande do Norte accumulated 5 medals in the Olympics, with the
highlight being the medallist Samara, who has already received 32 other medals
representing the institution, which contributes to the potiguar protagonism of the school.
The school encourages students to seek knowledge in the scientific area, inserting them
in a scenario that leads to learning, full of achievements, through the Vila Olímpica
project. The school already has more than 2000 medals in student Olympics, national
and international, with the dedication and effort of the students.
Mater Christi is immensely proud of the excellent performance of its students in the
Brazilian Human Sciences Olympiad.

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