Mater Christi celebrates 31 years with special Live

Pedagogical Proposal

Do you know the meaning of Alma Mater?

We call this mixture of feelings that flourish in our corridors Alma Mater: companionship, affection, union. It is this maternal care that we nurture for our family of students, parents and collaborators.⠀

This living and pulsating feeling of transforming the world through education and forming thinking, autonomous and excellent citizens, ready for the future, that’s what makes the Mater Christi family so unique and special.⠀

Everyone who passes through here is, forever, Mater Christi. In happy times and in difficult times, what unites this family is the feeling. ⠀

Join our live in celebration of the 51 years of Mater Christi

We celebrate, with great affection, pride and dedication, another year of the Mater Christi family. We are physically distant, but what has united us for 31 years is the feeling. The feeling of attachment, trust, care and acceptance towards all who are part of this union.⠀

We want to celebrate with you this moment, because your participation is an essential part of this dream, and that’s what makes us encourages us to continue keeping it alive.⠀

We will be waiting for you on 10/01 at 7pm on our Youtube channel, with a super special program, made with all the affection and love that we have nurtured together during all these years old. We will have the presentation of Aline Linhares and Railson Carlos, with the animation of the band Frequência 2 and an exclusive raffle for you at the end of the live.


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